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Welcome to Tianjin HuaRuiXiang Import & Export Co.,Ltd - Established since 1999, located in a recycling center of metal and plastic in China .
We have on-site tipping facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, 
and also have a commercial skip service. We welcome customers from all sections of the community, including all kind of metal scrap,plastic scrap and also on waste papers.
We are also available to supply copper, brass,millberry, aluminium,lead,zinc,ore,abs, flakes pet bottles , hdpe drms, Ldpe film,A4 Paper and so on

About Us

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Name: GINA

Tel: +86-15222512887

E-mail: info@huaruixiangexp.com

Add: No.5 Building. No.1 Gate 2617, Pingxiang Building, Northeast Side of the Intersection of Nanma Road and Chengxiang West Road, Nankai District,Tianjin